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Compound Bows

Compound Bows Featured

Compound bows are hand-drawn, hand-held bows with a mechanical component that reduces the draw weight and increases the speed of the arrow. Cables and cams (or pulleys) ease the draw and reduce the bow’s holding weight (called let-off). These vary from traditional bows in that they have these added mechanisms, and are often heavier. Depending on your skill level, shooting interest, capabilities, and simple preferences, a compound bow could be the right type of bow for new shooters. Not sure? Just ask our helpful associates or rent a bow and try it out in our shooting range.

13 July 2017, 10:53 am

Gear Up: Prep Your Bow for Hunting in 5 Simple Steps

Gear Up: Prep Your Bow for Hunting in 5 Simple Steps

The sun creeps over the horizon, creating spectacular views from your treestand. You chose this location carefully through scouting, and you meticulously prepared your equipment. All that’s left to do is soak in nature’s sights and sounds while waiting for a shot. That’s exactly how you want to feel on opening morning: confident and prepared. […]